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Jewish Students for America




Jewish Students for America is a movement led by passionate and dedicated student activists committed to positively changing American society. We are a group of student activists who have testified in Congress, written op-eds, and been featured on most major news networks. We speak for students from across the country, including Stanford University, MIT, Yale University, University of Pennsylvania, Harvard University, Cornell University, Columbia University, New York University, University of Maryland, Rutgers University, Northeastern University, and Hunter College.

Our mission:

We are determined to fight for the rights of students on campus and tackle the fundamental causes for the rise in the nationwide rise in antisemitism, and we are dedicated to carrying out this mission in a manner consistent with upholding American principles as established in America’s founding documents.

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Legislative Aims

1) Foreign Funding in American Institutions

We must end foreign funding from countries of concern, particularly countries that harbor Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

2) Equal Enforcement of Codes of Conduct

We must ensure that universities cannot selectively enforce their codes of conduct.

3) Enforce and strengthen the Immigration and Nationality Act

The AG must use its power under the United States Legal Code to deport foreign nationals who endorse terrorism.

4) Adopt IHRA

Congress must use the IHRA definition of antisemitism throughout the United States Legal Code.

5) Combat Boycotts on  Allies

Congress should withhold funding from institutions that engage in Boycotts against U.S allies.

Legislative Aims

Explore our Congressional Handout.



Watch our student activists in action as they speak out on important issues, participate in panel discussions, and engage with policymakers. Get inspired and join us in our mission to effect meaningful change.

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